Support National Cancer Center and Give the Gift of Good Health

It’s the holiday season. A time for reflecting on the emotional and material gifts we have personally received this year, and a time to thank and give back to others.

Everyone knows someone who is afflicted with or touched by a loved one’s cancer diagnosis. Despite rising survival rates and the rapid progress being made to diagnose, treat and cure cancer, many still succumb to this disease.

The only way to continue to increase cancer survival rates and get closer to finding a cure is by investing in cancer research, something the National Cancer Center has been doing for nearly 70 years.

This year, our goal is to raise more funds than ever to fund talented young cancer research scientists who will help us discover better diagnoses, new therapies and more effective treatments. To that end, please give your friends and loved ones the gift and promise of good health next year by clicking the link below to make a donation to NCC:

Thank you for helping National Cancer Center advance tomorrow’s research today. With your support, together, we will save lives and find a cure.