June is National Cancer Survivor Month

June is National Cancer Survivor Month
Cancer Research is the Sole Solution

We are pleased that survival rates among cancer patients is rising in large part due to steady advances in research:

  • Survival varies between cancer types, ranging from 98% for testicular cancer to just 1% for pancreatic cancer.
  • Many of the most commonly diagnosed cancers have a ten-year survival rate of 50% or more (2010-11).
  • More than 80% of people with easier to diagnose and/or treat cancer types survive their cancer for ten years or more (2010-11).

Throughout its 60-year history, National Cancer Center Inc. (NCC) has generously and consistently funded ground-breaking, scientific cancer research to find a cure.

In particular, NCC funds:

  • The Children’s Cancer Project
  • The Breast Cancer Project
  • Aggressive Cancer Research
  • Fighting Childhood Leukemia

Last year NCC granted over $452,000 to young cancer research fellows.

Scientific cancer research has significantly impacted human survival rates in all ages and demographics:


  • Cancer survival is higher in women than men.
  • Cancer survival is generally lower in people living in more deprived areas.
  • Cancer survival is generally higher in people diagnosed under the age of 40 years old, with the exception of breast, bowel and prostate cancers, where survival is highest in middle age.

We must continue to invest in cancer research to ensure that global cancer survival rates increase in favor of human life.

Consider putting your money into the hands of experts, and join NCC in the movement to fund a cure for all cancers.

Please visit www.nationalcancercenter.org and “donate now” to fund cancer research and finding a cure.

~Yours in Good Health~
National Cancer Center Inc.