Calling All Mothers!

Sunday, May 12th is
Mother’s Day.

On this Mother’s Day, why not consider celebrating your mother, grandmother, or Aunt by giving her the gift of good health and long life?


Any and all donations to the National Cancer Center fund ground-breaking scientific cancer research to help find a cure.


Here is one mother’s story about how cancer ravaged her mother and grandmother:

“My grandmother, Dora Schneider, survived the Holocaust but she couldn’t survive esophageal cancer.

My mother, Regina, is the Executive Director of NCC. Regina witnessed Dora — her mother— choking to death from cancer, and from that point going forward, Regina vowed to do what she could to help find a cure for cancer. She joined the Board of NCC, to help fund cancer research, educate the public about cancer and help researchers find a cure, so nobody has to suffer like Dora. Shortly after Regina joined the board of NCC, her husband, Jack English, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Nobody should have to suffer like Dora or Jack. NCC funds cancer research and educates the public about cancer. Please donate what you can to National Cancer Center and join the fight against cancer TODAY.”

Shelley English, 2019

Donate now in honor of your mother or the special woman in your life: