The Children’s Cancer Project

The Children's Cancer Project

Fullfilling the National Cancer Center’s desire to provide funds for pediatric cancer research and education, we created the Children’s Cancer Project to investigate prevention and treatment of pediatric oncology, as well as public education relating to detection.

Our fellowship to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia focuses on neuroblastoma, the most common solid tumor cancer found in children.

The Children's Cancer Project

Current Grants and Renewals

National Cancer Center has been proud to award grants to many fine research organizations. We know that a cure lies in research and we are committed to supporting as many research projects as we can.

Guimei Jiang, Ph.D.

NY University, New York, NY

PROJECT: Use of cancer associated CTCF mutations to investigate CTCFs role in regulating imprinted regions and their contribution to cancer


He Eric Zhu, Ph.D.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston MA

PROJECT: Global Ubiquitome Profiling by Transpeptidation Aided Mass Spectrometry (TAMS) to Decipher the Ubiquitin Signaling of USP7 in Ewing sarcoma


Past Beneficiaries

Carmen Adriaens, Ph.D.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

PROJECT: Targeting DMNT1 to induce anti-cancer gene expression programs and synthetic lethality


Jiao Li, PhD.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

PROJECT: Characterization of a Novel Cell-Surface Therapeutic Target in Translocation Renal Cell Carcinoma


Mireia Perez Verdaguer, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

PROJECT: Improving the Tumor-Suppressing Efficacy of EGFR Antibodies on Head-and-Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Haopeng Xiao, Ph.D.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

PROJECT: Proteomic approaches to investigate Redox control in cancer


Yuanyuan Li, Ph.D.

NYU School of Medicine

PROJECT:Role of CTCF Mutations in Altering Nuclear Architecture and Gene Regulation in Cancer

Marie Menard, Ph.D.

Univ of California, San Francisco

PROJECT: Generation of a stem cell-based preclinical model for high-risk Neuroblastoma to test combinations of targeted therapies and immunotherapy

Wei-Chien Yuan, Ph.D.

Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston MA

PROJECT: In Vivo Systematic Characterization of Hippe-YAP Oncogenic Targets

Liying Chen, Ph.D.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

PROJECT: The Role of ZEpigenetic Modifier EZH2 in MYCN-amplified Neuroblastoma

Pei-Chi Wei

Boston Children’s Hospital

PROJECT: Investigate the contribution of DNA double strand breaks to recurrent genomic alterations in medulloblastomas


2023 New and Renewed Research Grants


2023 Grants


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