Holistic health coach to partner with NCC

National Cancer Center is excited to announce its partnership with Integrative Health Practitioner, Genia Taub, whose holistic approach to health combines nutrition, yoga, and other wellness practices to support body and spirit. Ms. Taub will be creating educational content featuring healthy recipes, yoga poses to promote well-being, and other self-care information that will be posted on the NCC website and shared through social media, direct mail, and other platforms. This uplifting and informative content will allow readers and viewers to take important steps toward enhancing their health. Ms. Taub brings great knowledge and enthusiasm to this partnership and hopes to inspire others to incorporate a mind, body, and soulful practice in their daily lives.

“I am looking forward to partnering with National Cancer Center as we empower others to live a
vibrant and healthy life from the inside out” Genia Taub