National Cancer Center Is Pleased to Name David Knorr, M.D., Ph.D., to Scientific Advisory Board

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Cancer Center is pleased to announce the appointment of David Knorr, M.D., Ph.D., to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Knorr is a medical oncologist currently serving as an Assistant Attending Physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Immunology (Ravetch) at Rockefeller University, where he is Director of Clinical Operations and Translational Immunology.

As a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Knorr will review, evaluate and help make award decisions for National Cancer Center’s fellowship program to fund early and promising research for the diagnosis and treatment of human cancer. This year, NCC awarded $702,000 to a total of 15 recipients—nine first-time awards and six renewals—from a broad universe of premier cancer research institutions in the United States. The four women and 11 men hail from China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Spain and the U.S., forming a truly global constellation of best-in-class research.

Dr. Knorr’s clinical and laboratory interests focus on the mechanisms of immunotherapy, including how they both enhance the immune system and, in some patients, lead to severe adverse events limiting their use.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Knorr to our Board,” said National Cancer Center Scientific Advisory Board Chair Darrell D. Bigner, M.D., Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center. “His rich expertise in medical oncology and his passion for research to find a cure for cancer will bring new energy and ideas to our cause.”

Dr. Knorr said: “National Cancer Center fills a critical gap in cancer research by supporting promising early-stage research from young scientists. I am excited to join the Scientific Advisory Board to support potentially exceptional but often underfunded research pathways that could lead to a cure.”

In addition to Drs Bigner and Knorr, the NCC’s Scientific Advisory Board includes Jerome Ritz, M.D., Harvard Medical School; John M. Kirkwood, M.D., University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute; Janet M.D. Plate, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Rush University Medical Center; and Victoria L. Seewaldt, M.D., City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center (Duarte, California).

For nearly 70 years, the NCC has been dedicated to providing financial support to research with the promise of conquering cancer. The NCC runs six cancer research programs: Aggressive Cancer Project; Fighting Childhood Leukemia; The Breast Cancer Project; Children’s Cancer Project; Prostate Cancer Project and the NCC Project, which funds research showing particular promise in the following areas: brain tumors, melanoma, DNA repair, anti-cancer therapies, gene mutations and targeted therapeutics.

The organization also provides education on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.