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The National Cancer Center Is Soliciting Members for Its Junior Committee – a Next Generation Leadership Opportunity


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    1.  How has cancer impacted your life and why are you interested in joining the NCC Junior Committee? (Limit 300 words)

    2.  What specific Junior Committee initiatives would you like to participate in?  (Happy hour fundraisers and events, other fundraising activities, social media, your suggestions.)

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    The National Cancer Center Junior Committee offers a rewarding leadership experience to young professionals who believe scientific research is our best hope for conquering cancer.

    The ideal candidate will have at least six years of professional work experience.

    NCC Junior Committee members will collaborate with other like-minded individuals on the Committee, and join an established, national, non-profit organization solely dedicated to funding innovative cancer research.

    Founded in 1953, the primary goal of the National Cancer Center (NCC) is to fund research into cancer’s causes, its treatment and cure.  NCC is currently funding researchers at top-flight universities throughout the country, including NYU, The Rockefeller University, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Duke University.

    NCC is forming a Junior Committee of passionate young professionals who have been touched by cancer in some way and want to get involved in the effort to increase cancer survival rates, develop more effective treatments and, ultimately, find a cure.

    The NCC Junior Committee will engage in various activities to help raise funds for and build awareness of NCC and its mission.  It will be comprised of young professionals located in New York City and its environs.

    For additional information about NCC and its Junior Committee, please email, with the words “NCC Junior Committee” in the subject line.