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National Cancer Center is supported entirely by the contributions of private American citizens. It is a non-profit, 50l(c)3 organization and does not receive any government funds. It is the support from people like you that has helped make cancer the most preventable and curable of our nation’s leading chronic diseases. Your gift makes it possible for NCC to continue to fund research, provide education, encourage prevention, promote early detection, and augment clinical diagnoses programs.

Funds one scientist for
a one-year post-doctoral fellowship
Funds one scientist for
a second year post-doctoral fellowship

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Donations can also be sent to our address with a check made out to “National Cancer Center”.

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We communicate with our supporters and donors by postal mail — as well as other channels — not only to request contributions to support our vital mission, but also to educate the public about various issues involving cancer prevention, research and treatment. As a result, in accordance with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines, National Cancer Center allocates a portion of our direct mail costs to program services.


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